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It's as much knowing what "not" to do as knowing what to do.

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Small Business Video Advice.

Video blogs that deliver guidance and tips to keep you focused on what's important and shortcuts to success, that can be easily implemented and provide an ongoing reference.

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Small Business Growth is an Ongoing Challenge

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Get Objective Advice from Somebody Who's "Been There"

Objective advice is critical for a small business owner during almost every stage of their business growth. It can help solve problems, get you to expand your thinking in areas and about topics you are either uncomfortable with or lack real experience to address, or just provide a "sounding board." For that, you want and need experience and a "tell-it-like is" approach.

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Secrets to  Entrepreneurial Success

Book: Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success

Get advice learned from 30+ years (and counting!) as a serial entrepreneur, investor, senior executive on how to start a business and successfully generate revenue.

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"It's rare when you find a sounding board that isn't an echo. Lonnie can process the information you provide, understand it and help guide you towards the less obvious but most productive solution."
- Mark Berger, CEO, Securitech Group, Inc.

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