"Partner Your Way to Success"

Often entrepreneurs are so intently focused on finding ways to build their business or raising capital that they overlook one of the key avenues to address both needs. Partnering, especially in the early stages of a business, is where you can leverage scarce resources to either generate revenue or conserve expenses, or both. Strategic partnerships can provide expanded sales coverage for existing products or new products into existing markets increasing market visibility and potential customers. Or, a partner can provide needed resources for quicker or more effective product development, in return for exclusive sale or use of that product in the partner's target (and non-competitive) market space. Here the entrepreneur wins twice, getting development resources they didn't have and exposure (and potential new revenue) in markets they never expected. This session will explore where partnering can most help your business; how to find partners, and how to negotiate relationships that leverage resources and provide a "win-win" basis for both sides.

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