There's always an answer inside "Entrepreneur's Alley"

Sometimes there's no more uncomfortable place than an alley. Most of the time, they can be full of scary things, but once you look closer, the scary stuff, like launching your startup, isn't really so scary anymore.

Come on. Take a stroll down "Entrepreneurs Alley." You'll not only find answers to your toughest questions in a group mentoring session, you'll also network with seven other entrepreneurs just like you, to share them with.

Startup group mentoring

What Is Startup Group Mentoring?

Lonnie Sciambi, "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" brings his 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur, advisor and investor to guide the entrepreneurs in this very special alley. He'll not only provide some answers, but lead a series of group discussions about the questions. Plus, it's all free (as in zero cost). The sessions take place virtually from the comfort and privacy of your office or home.

The value is drilling down to specific actions needed per each entrepreneur

Ryan K., Entrepreneur

Stay in the know for where the startup conversation is, was, and will be. Join in as a pivotal mover for this exclusive invitation-only informed idea exchange that sheds light on the dark places around getting a startup to early and sustained revenue.

How To Join A Group Mentoring Conversation

Reserve your private invitation now for the next "Entrepreneurs Alley" live virtual session and we will let you know how it works and when the next scheduled sessions are. The sessions use Go2Meeting and enable great group interaction and knowledge exchange.

Having a guest expert from area of need of mine was invaluable!

Catherine B., Entrepreneur

Maximum attendance for each upcoming session is locked in at eight users. Session participants will get a recording(s) of their session and the first ten entrepreneurs to sign up will also get a free 30 minute, virtual one-on-one with "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" to discuss your biggest questions or issues in more depth.

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Startup group mentoring in practice

We're looking for entrepreneurs who are searching for their business model (pre-revenue) and startups that have generated revenue and are looking for answers.

We respect your email privacy

Your privacy is important. Your e-mail address will never be rented, sold or traded.