"To An Entrepreneur, Cash is Almost as Important as Breathing...But Only a Close Second"

Cash flow, its generation, its conservation and, overall, its management is the single most important discipline an entrepreneur must learn to be truly successful. And of these, cash generation is the most important. It is the lifeblood of every business and should be at the forefront of, virtually, every decision an entrepreneur makes. Unfortunately, most small business owners, especially in the early going, spend more time and precious resources trying to raise cash from outside sources, usually prematurely, rather than trying to generate it from potential customers. But at the end of the day, developing and maintaining a "whatever it takes" cash generating focus will serve as the entrepreneur's foundation for future business success. And then, once the cash is generated, then there is an increasingly critical problem - cash management - controlling collections and payments. It's one thing to cause a cash generation event (a sale), another entirely to collect on that event. In times like these, creativity is a necessity in getting paid. This session will provide entrepreneurs and small business owners some incredibly useful tips about every element of cash flow from cash generation through cash conservation and management. Not only will you understand some of the underlying rationale, but be able to immediately implement critical lessons in your own business.

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