There's probably no one area where more mistakes are made, more misconceptions exist or that troubles entrepreneurs more than that of raising outside investment to fund their dream.

"Do I really need outside capital to grow my business?"

"What makes a business attractive to an investor?"

"How do I pitch investors?"

"What's it like having an investor?"

"The Entrepreneur's Capital Raising Survival Kit" shows you what you need to know and do long before you ever talk to a professional investor or potential funding partner.

Plus the kit will show you how to determine exactly what gets included in your lean business plan and your slide deck so you're ready to pitch your company and business model to interested investors and get them to open up their checkbooks!

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The Capital Raising Survival Kit

The Kit includes four easy-to-follow videos detailing:

7 essential factors to consider before seeking investors

7 Essential Factors to Consider before Seeking Outside Capital

What to do checklist

What To Do & Not Do to Increase Your Chances for Success

Business plan questions to think about

Your Business Plan: Answering 9 Questions Make All the Difference

Getting investors to pay attention to your pitch

Your Pitch: Getting Investors Attention without Putting Them to Sleep

What you'll receive:

Practical helpful capital raising advice

The 4 - Part Detailed video guide with countless "nuggets" of practical, helpful advice that you won't hear anyplace else from anyone else! Not a fill-in the blanks model, but a timeless set of guidelines based on "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" broad background as an entrepreneur, investment banker and angel investor.

Get your investor questions answered

Direct email access to ask Lonnie your questions and get answers

business plan template

A Business Plan outline to help you develop your own plan (as a downloadable PDF)


10 Keys to Start-up Survival

A Free Video Tutorial Series - "How Not to Become a Small Business Statistic:10 Keys to Start-up Survival"

Free pass to Entrepreneur's Alley mastermind/coaching session

A Free Pass to participate in an "Entrepreneur's Alley" - a combination of a virtual meetup and mentoring session facilitated by Lonnie Sciambi - "The Entrepreneur's Yoda"

"The Entrepreneur's Yoda's" Success Track Record

Lonnie Sciambi's success track record as a serial entrpreneur

What others are saying about Lonnie's work

The Entrepreneur's Alley, Mastermind/Mentoring

"This was a great experience because not only do you learn from other entrepreneurs but you also build a network." - Javier S.

"I love getting advice and perspectives from people who seem like they are in it with me and are sharing to make the group better." - Jake D.

"Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success", How-to Book for Entrepreneurs to find product market fit

"The Entrepreneur's Yoda provides guidance and secrets related to how to get a start-up to succeed, marketing and sales, partners and advisers, getting customers to love you, culture, cash and how to develop an end game." - Teach A CEO

Advisory Services

"Lonnie has decades of managing companies, advising companies, and turning around companies. His insight and experience is invaluable for start-ups and fast growing companies." - Bill L.

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