Small business advisory services.

Small Business advisory services that give a business owner an edge.


How It Works

I come to your business and spend the entire day with you and your management team, free of charge.
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Early Stage Advice

Whether you're trying to get to a scalable business model or looking to reach the "next level of growth".
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Growth Stage Advice

Perhaps your growth climb has stalled and you're not sure why, or revenue has increased so fast it's causing scale problems.
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Exit Stage Advice

Or you're considering exit and not sure what's involved and when you are ready to monetize investments and efforts.
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Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Book: Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success

Get advice learned from 30+ years (and counting!) as a serial entrepreneur, investor, senior executive on how to start a business and successfully generate revenue.

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"His keen sense of identifying problems, mentoring and suggesting ways to implement change makes him an invaluable resource for companies looking to improve the bottom line."
- Jim Dougherty, Founder, Petsmart, Inc.

Small Business Consultant
Services tailored to meet a small business owner's needs, focused on the earliest results possible. Start now. Get Yoda's advice.