For Startups & Early Stage Companies, Learn How To

Find Customers.
Manage Cash.

Only a small percentage of startups gets VC funding. For those entrepreneurs who have to bootstrap their way to finding early customers and driving revenue, this is where you'll get answers that will help you create paying customers and manage your precious cash carefully.

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Companies trying to grow can't do it alone, learn how to

Find Co-Founders.
Partners. Mentors.

How to find a co-founder, mentor, partners

Creating and managing a small business is full of challenges and hard work. And you can't do it alone. You need help, be it from co-founders, strategic partners or mentors. We'll show you how to get and use each to drive success.

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Small business owners, your situation is unique. No one-size- fits-all solutions can really work. Let us show you how to

Grow your small business.

How to grow your business

What got you to one revenue level won't necessarily get you to the next. You can't grow today's business with yesterday's strategies. Growth requires change. And sometimes change requires a new look. That's where Yoda comes in.

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Small business owners, Isn’t it time you learned how to

Stop Operating with Periodic Cash Crunches.

How to grow your business

Operating “hand to mouth,” facing periodic cash crunches, long past your early stage is no way run a small business. Yoda can surely help.

Learn How Yoda Can Help Your Small Business

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Giving Entrepreneurs an Edge, Learned from Years in the Entrepreneurial Trenches

Starting and growing a business is a challenge in any economy. Faced with the environment of the last several years, every entrepreneur needs an edge. "Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success" gives entrepreneurs that edge. No matter where you are in your growth cycle, the "Secrets" provide "to-the-point" advice and easily implementable solutions for key issues entrepreneurs face.

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