Exit stage of business lifecycle

Your "end game" should define why you are in business. It is simply the answer to the question every entrepreneur or small business owner asks himself/herself at multiple points in the enterprise's history - "why am I doing this?" To this end, I provide a comprehensive program to help the business owner(s) define their "end game," and, ultimate, exit strategy.

  • Determine the owner's objectives, timing and expectations relative to value
  • Determine if and when timing is right for exit
  • Develop and implement an exit plan with the objective to find the "right buyer"

Once an exit plan has been developed, I coordinate the entire process with advice and counsel to meet four key objectives:

  • Manage your expectations while maximizing the net dollars to you and your estate, while minimizing the tax impact on each
  • Establish a proper transition from your ownership to the new ownership with customers, suppliers and employees
  • Security for your vision to ensure that the people, the legacy and the culture that you've created can continue to thrive and grow
  • Provide emotional closure to help you deal with the emotional issues of "letting go," that are often tied to being the driving force of a business.

"Lonnie asks the tough questions of business owners. When we chose him as an adviser, we weren't clear on 'what we didn't know, we did know.' Get grounded, get results, get Lonnie!"
-Gisele Larose, Founder, Retired CEO, Webstudy, Inc.

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