Early stage of business lifecycle

Early stage companies, often, need help in avoiding the many pitfalls that can derail even the best business model.

For early stage companies I provide virtual or on-site mentoring and advisory that gives entrepreneurs guidance through the critical early growth of your small business. It's designed to help keep the enterprise on course and gain the quickest results possible.

This can include:

  • Creating a "battle plan"
  • Marketing "on a shoe string"
  • Getting early sales
  • Learning how to best generate and manage cash
  • Using early customers to "create a buzz"
  • Understanding the culture you want to create
  • Creating an advisory board
  • Building a scalable business model

"He provided invaluable advice and counsel at the highest levels 18 years ago when I started my company. Throughout this time he has remained a close advisor and as such I have followed his strategies with tremendous success."
- Paul Viens, CEO, Halifax Group, Inc.

Services tailored to meet an entrepreneur's needs, focused on the earliest results possible. Start now. Get Yoda's advice.

How We Work