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Entrepreneurs Need to Learn How to Say "No!"

We all want to please.  Entrepreneurs are no different.  In fact, being so focused and passionate (to say nothing of having risk hanging over their head), they want nothing more than to please...their market, customers and employees alike to help their small business. And so they make nearly-impossible - to-keep promises (which they do keep, usually at some huge personal or professional sacrifice), set nearly unattainable delivery schedules (which they usually make at the cost, often of their margin, and of nearly burning out themselves and those around them).

Unfortunately, it takes some hard experience (and usually a couple of expensive setbacks) to finally help the entrepreneur build a little harder edge.  With that harder edge, finally comes the ability to say "no!"  And that leads to the beginning of real growth ...both for the entrepreneur and the small business.

"No, that prospect will take too many resources and too much time for too little revenue."

"No, we can't let you take that extra time off."

"No, we can't possibly meet that delivery requirement."

"No, our service offering doesn't include that."

"No, we won't reduce our price any further."

No, is the most critical word an entrepreneur can learn. Often, it means you won't get something you thought your company wanted or needed. But, it keeps you from "bet your company" decisions. It keeps you from veering off course to pursue business avenues that make no long-term sense.  It keeps you humble, mindful that you (or company) can't do everything! It puts you in control of decisions...because they are not automatic!

"The Entrepreneur's Yoda knows these things. He's been there. May success be with you!


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